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To Honorable Mr. Scheer

Honorable Mr. Scheer,

I am writing because I am totally unimpressed with the way you have handled Sen. Lynn Beyak.   As a conservative I would have expected you to defend and protect free speech, not try to silence people.  I am also pretty upset that you are carelessly throwing around powerful words like 'racist'.  This is a favorite Liberal weapon used to attack anyone they disagree with.  The problem is that if Lynn Beyak is a racist  then what will you call the person who comes along and is a true racist?  I.E. If you cry wolf, what happens when there is a real wolf? 

Words are powerful and it would behoove you to chose yours with care. 

Freedom is priceless.  It is worth fighting and dying for.  Please be a defender of freedom not another liberal stooge trying to control everyone and everything.




I have many family members who attended residential schools in the NWT.  Their accounts vary from place to place and at different times.  Some good, some bad and some ugly.  What Lynn Beyak is saying is the truth whether people like it or not.

Even if she was wrong she should still have the freedom to express any opinion she wishes.  Freedom matters.