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Message from the Senator


On Thursday, January 4, 2018, I learned from Andrew Scheer's media statement that I was removed from the Conservative National Caucus.

Contrary to his statement, that he asked me to remove content and I refused, neither I nor my staff ever spoke with Andrew Scheer or anyone from his office, at any time. Talking points from his office also declared: "Senator Beyak admitted that she intentionally posted racist correspondence about Indigenous Canadians to her Parliamentary website".

That statement is completely false. I would never say or do such a thing.

I believe our website has given Canadians a voice for free speech. Many citizens, Indigenous and non-indigenous alike, from coast to coast; have written to my office expressing their views.

More money is not the answer either. Governments have spent billions of taxpayer dollars over decades, and what we have been doing is simply not working.

I will continue to post the thoughtful ideas, stories, research and wisdom of the people, who recognize that enough is enough and it is time for a change.

Canadians are kind and compassionate, but not stupid. There are not enough tax dollars to fix every mistake from the past. Whether you liked him or not, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was correct, when he said Canada's leaders don't need to apologize. When Canadians see inequities, we fix them, we move forward and we don't repeat them.

As an Independent Senator, I will continue to be a voice for freedom of speech.  I consider it my duty and my role, as well as a great privilege, to speak on behalf of so many wise Canadians.

Hon. Lynn Beyak

Senate of Canada