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Senator's Committee Reports

How Did We Get Here? A Concise Unvarnished Account of the History of the Relationship Between Indigenous Peoples and Canada
April 12, 2019

Abriculture & Forestry - Feast or Famine: Impacts of climate change and carbon pricing on agriculture
December 11, 2018

Agriclulture & Forestry - How to Keep Farmland in the Hands of Canadian Farmers
March 1, 2018

Transportation - DRIVING CHANGE Technology and the future of the automated vehicle
January 1, 2018

Defence - Countering the Terrorist threat in Canada
November 30, 2017

Defence - Reinvesting in the Canadian Armed Forces
May 1, 2017

Defence - Vigilance, Accountability and Security at Canada's Borders
June 1, 2015

Aboriginal Peoples Committee On Reserve Housing
June 1, 2015

Agriculture - The Importance of Bee Health
May 1, 2015

Defence -Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence
June 1, 2014

Official Languages - CBC/Radio-Canada’s official languages obligations
April 8, 2014