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Response to John Paul Tasker Article


The article by CBCs John Paul Tasker is interesting but he focused on only one part of my letter. He forgot to mention an important paragraph where I clearly stated that victims of the residential schools should be compensated immediately. I continue to advocate for them often and wonder what is taking so long. As stated in my letter, the dollars are going to lawyers and red tape obstacles instead of the deserving individuals.

He also neglected to mention that the paragraph in my letter on status, Canadian citizenship and negotiated monetary payouts to individuals referred to the 1969 P.E. Trudeau White Paper and link. I believe that it is brilliant and could form part of a path forward today, but I cannot take the credit for it.

Other suggestions and solutions for moving forward in a positive way came through support letters from Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from coast to coast. A vast majority of Canadians are wise and well informed with compassionate hearts and common sense. They want a real solution to a decades old situation.

What we have been doing is obviously not working, spending billions of dollars annually, yet filthy water and inadequate housing still a reality on too many reserves.

The goal is for everyone involved to work together on a fresh approach, so those valuable taxpayer dollars go directly toward fixing the problems for the grass roots bands and people themselves, and not to another ministry and the bloated bureaucracy and government it creates in Ottawa.

Let's all get together and be a whole country. Where we all have a voice to better our country, not condemn it.

Hon. Lynn Beyak

Senate of Canada