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Dear Senator Beyak,

Congratulations for having the courage to speak up to balance the dialogue regarding residential schools.  Do not even consider resigning.

Sorry, but I think this is an over-reaction.  The sexual abuse and deliberate malnutrition are crimes for which the churches administering the schools surely need to answer, but one must remember that tuberculosis was endemic amongst the native population and many Europeans sincerely believed they were rescuing native children from a life of poverty and ignorance.   Many were doing their best to do good.  I do not believe Senator  Beyak should be punished for pointing this out.

I attended public schools in the 1940’s and 1950’s where the strap was routinely employed as a disciplinary measure.  My parents, and many others, were firm believers in “spare the rod and spoil the child.”  We were punished with spanking, sometimes employing a belt or yardstick, until at least age 10.  On some occasions we were sent to our beds without supper.  While we now look on these measures as brutal, they were quite normal for the times.  Even in the 1960’s my mother chided me for not using them on my own children.

Beware of revisionist history.



(not a Conservative)