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Beyak meets survivors - Mike Aiken


Mike Aiken - -

Sen. Lynn Beyak is open to a review of the Indian Residential School Agreement. Following a meeting between the senator and the Sioux Lookout Mayor's Committee for Truth and Reconciliation, they issued a joint statement, adding youth should also be consulted.

"The overall discussion was very respectful in nature. Committee members, who had been personally been traumatized and impacted by the Indian Residential School system told truths that moved all those present at the meeting, and affirmed the abuses the senator had acknowledged in her Senate speech," it continued in the statement.

The senator made headlines in March for a speech in the Senate, where she said she had 'suffered' along with residential school survivors, and she didn't need any more education on the issue. Critics also took offence to her comment that the schools were well-intentioned and not enough had been said about the good things stemming from Indian Residential Schools.

The senator also questioned the effectiveness of the Truth and Reconciliation report, and she suggested First Nation members might consider trading their status cards for a citizenship cards in Canada, in return for a one-time lump sum. She was removed from the Senate's aboriginal affairs committee in April.