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Support for your ideas


Here is a copy of a letter to the editor that I have emailed to the Calgary Herald after reading a negative letter that appeared in the paper on Tuesday April 11.

I hope that the Herald will publish my letter as well.

Thank you for being a voice of reason and common sense.


Senator Beyak: a voice of reason

I would like to thank Senator Beyak for being a voice of reason on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. She acknowledged that there were horrible things that happened in residential schools. She acknowledged that there needs to be awareness of the history of residential schools and that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission should look at the issues.

She is being silenced when she wants to acknowledge that not all things or all people connected with residential schools were horrible. Was one of the requirements of being on the committee that you had to agree with the belief that everything that happened at the residential schools was wrong?

May we please hear from the Aboriginals who benefited from residential schools? May we please hear from the Aboriginals who benefited from the baby scoop of the 60s? May we please hear from the descendants of the people who worked at residential schools with the firm belief that they were doing what was right for the time? There were some people in each of those situations.

Judging history by the standards of today is not always fair to the people who were working with the knowledge that they had at that time. Looking at photos of boarding schools in England or rural schools in Canada at that time in history shows people who are not necessarily that much different than pictures of students in residential schools.

Yes, what happened to too many of the children in residential schools was horribly wrong but there were good things as well.

Thank you, Senator Beyak for trying to bring a balance to the Commission. We can acknowledge that many horrible things happened and do things to prevent them from happening again. We should also acknowledge that beliefs and ideas at that time in our history were different than some beliefs and values of today.