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Residential Schools


Congratulations for having the courage to speak your mind on the residential school system   In Canada today it is wrong that differing opinions are considered totally inappropriate if they question the opinions of others with their own agenda .  That is what democracy is about and if one considers actions and comments of others are questionable then open dialogue is essential.  

The threat of losing a job because you speak freely should not even be considered.  I know from first hand experience that the Residential schools provided a lot of good and back in the fifties it gave children from the reserves the opportunity to witness life off the reserve, to be educated in more that a one room school house for all, and to join in social programs to broaden their experience. 

I think of the many people who provided clothing and funding to help ensure the children had a good experience at the Residential school while away from home.   I am not naive enough to suggest that in some areas there were some serious problems which should never have happened but you cannot tarnish the whole system with the same brush.