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Some time ago I sent a letter to our local radio station as attached. I really got “racked over the coals” so to speak in regards to this comment.

I support you and your comments. There was a lot of good done as a result of the schools.

Please read the following.


I have just been reading about a finding by the commission to look into the healing of the abuses of the Residential School. The report says the residential school system was ``an assault'' on Aboriginal children, their families and their culture.”

I really find it hard to accept all the attacks on the Residential Schools. I feel that the First Nations people should be very grateful that there was such a service or system in place for their benefit. Lets consider why these schools were set up in the first place. The children had absolutely no chance to get an education, training or medical help as needed if they were to remain living on the shore of some distant lake or river with their families. Where would they be today if it were not for the residential school that were set up to help them? I expect they would still be living out in their isolated villages, un educated, a very high rate of child birth deaths, an very short life expectancy, and living in very damp cold dwellings.

Is it not time that we drop this political correctness and give credit to the many people that dedicated their lives to helping these people? I am not suggesting that there were not wrong doings, as there are and have been in all walks of life.

There have been many people that have been educated by the Residential School systems, that had it not been for those school they probably would not be the doctors, nurses, teachers politicians that have greatly contributed to our current multi cultural society that is enjoyed in Canada and in turn, are able to greatly assist their own people.