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Residential Schools


What is going on?!  I was so sorry to see the response to your comment about some good that came out of Residential Schools.  Of course, there was good and there are Indigenous people out there who would agree. Unfortunately, they are afraid of being ostracized if they speak up and, from your recent experience, one can see why.

I brought up the subject at my Discussion Group yesterday and set off "a box of fireworks" too! Many Canadians have embraced the one-sided Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Report because there has been very little discussion  allowed on any good that came from the schools.

I feel great concern for truth and freedom of speech when I see the sort of reaction any discussion on Residential Schools brings. What are we trying to hide?

What are we afraid of? 

Like you, I believe the institution of Residential Schools was well intentioned and was an attempt to solve the "Indian problem" by integrating the children into the new way of life in order that they could function better with language, health and skills. Unfortunately, as in any area of life, there were some who abused the situation and were overly harsh in their choices of discipline.

Times were difficult for many families during the era of Residential Schools, life on the reservations was not necessarily good,TB and Smallpox were the diseases of the time affecting many Canadians. My neighbour, before he died, told of having to go to school without shoes as his family could not afford them. There were many other hardships at the time.

Why are we not allowed to put Residential Schools in context of what was happening in Canada during the period1884 -1948 and later?

I appreciate your attempt to put the record straight and do hope you will not suffer too much from opposing views.

Please continue to stand up for what you believe.

Best wishes,