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Dear Senator, I do not believe for a split second that you are wanting ill for anyone. On the contrary, an audit is a good thing to help people find out how best to manage their money ! It's like having an efficiency expert come in and help to streamline production, an audit exposes waste. This is a good thing. It is helpful. Your idea is a very good one and clearly you have a good heart and want to help. Sad that people twist things around and try to make good sound evil. If all their books are in order, great !

Keep up the good work ! But, if there is any duplicity, which sometimes happens in a large organization, an audit simply reveals it. Then it's up to the Chief and Band members as to whether or not they want to correct course.

Thank you for wanting to help. You truly have a good, beautiful and kind heart. Why they would not want a free audit, to help find waste, I do not know. The media failed on this one. Please, don't let them get to you. Keep up the good work. By the way, who is behind the, not wanting an audit, bunch ? Are they trying to hide something ? Usually that's why people do not want an audit of their work or their money, . . . they have something to hide. Maybe that needs to be stated, "What are you trying to hide ?"

I hope you don't give up on this one. It might reveal ways for the bands to reduce costs by sharing costs and/or wasteful spending that needs to be realized.

Anyway, thank you Senator Beyak, it's nice to see an honest politician, for once.