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Three Cheers for You


Senator Beyak

Your statement about residential schools has needed to be said for a very long time...I applaud your forthrightness, honesty and courage.  You have public attention, and now you are getting to the heart of it.

Your call for an audit of spending on Indigenous Affairs is truly needed, and has been so for many decades.  We have thrown money at the 'problem' and still are...witness the govt. recently offering millions to tribal chiefs to assist with their social welfare problems.

When the youth can no longer find a reason for effort in the cultural vacuum of the reservations, and then lead a life of dissipation, racial snobbishness and prejudice should not prevent them from participating in our culture.  And education is the key, as it always has been e.g. the residential schools.

My best wishes for your honourable efforts, and to you personally,