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Native/ Indian affairs committee


Dear senator Beyak,

I strongly support your contribution on this committee, and your honest enquiry of the issues affecting native communities. We need more people like you to provide balance and perspective, where most  fear speaking their own minds.

I was employed in Fort Frances  in the 70's and enjoyed the open and welcoming community. Aside from the  sulphate pulp mill it was a great place to live and raise children.

Working in Northern  Ontario, exposed me to native communities and related issues.

I respect the people,  and have compassion for the situation.

I think that residential schools were an noble and honest attempt to treat natives, as equals and integrate the community into the new  productive, rewarding Canadian life.  Had that not been attempted, there would have emerged a cry of neglect, abuse and discrimination. Sadly now, those efforts are being portrayed as cultural genocide and child abuse.  The easiest way to destroy a people is to put them into and keep them in a state of dependence.

It's not an easy issue and many vested interest are at stake.

I encourage you to continue serving all Canadians, as a senator on this  and other committees.

Don't get discouraged, you will now  discover who your real friends are.

Best wishes,