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Residential Schools


Hello senator;

Not all residential schools were places of abuse. there were many dedicated educator  s that really cared. I would like to see a accounting g of Indian affairs I mean a thorough audit, from office  clerks to ministers to chiefs and staff on reserves. This will cause a horrific outcry, but when the public learns the real truth, then will see about how vocal groups are.

There is an explosion of population, and why not. When all you need is to ask for an increase of benefits, why work? The residential school s are a crutch that is being leaned on. there are many who not only collect benefits but are also gainfully employed. They are not subjected to paying tax as the rest of us are.

I ask, why are reserves not run as municipalities, and why not allow reserve  residents to own land and their own home  on the reserve.

These are challenging times. The best ever story teller is an aboriginal, and there are many well educate d member s speaking . The pendulum can not be allowed to swing too far, but must stay in the middle.

Thank you for your courage