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Residential Schools



I am so happy that you did not worry about being 'politically correct' and that you expressed your views about the good intentions of the residential schools. I am 100 % behind you. You said what the majority of Canadians would want to say. There were some bad 'apples' and there was abuse, but not all the teachers were bad, not all the cooks were bad, not all the cleaners were bad etc. The children that died, were not killed. Most would have died on the reserves, considering the conditions at the time.

I think most of the people involved worked hard doing their jobs to make the children safe and happy.

It is incredible that they would choose to use the word 'SURVIVORS'. That word is connected to the concentration camps and should be left that way.

No comparison..... concentration camps were set up to KILL people... no food no dignity..

Residential schools set up to 'educate'.. feed.... clothe... and take care of the children. Unfortunate that there were some who mistreated the people in their charge..

Please do not apologize for me...... I was not there. Charge the people responsible and make them apologize. Dig them up if they are dead.!!!

Stay strong and do not let the 'Bastards' who are not willing to stick their necks out and are going along with the scenarios that the natives have come up with.

And then there is the 'scoop' ..... but that is another story!

Hang in...... do not resign.. and keep expressing your views.

By the way, I knew Tony growing up in Rainy River!