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Residential Schools


Hello Senator Beyak ,

Finally someone has enough of a backbone to say what needs to be said.  Thank you!!!

I don’t understand why politicians don’t take a stand against the chronic whining and unreasonable levels of expectations that are exhibited by some Indigenous groups that seem to keep inventing new ways to achieve a cash grab.

I too am familiar with indigenous people that have made a choice to assimilate into Canadian culture and are hardworking, proud, people.  We as Canadians are all required to make hard choices through our lifetime as to where we need to live so we can work and support our families.  To expect the Canadian government to continue to subsidize a culture which is  often damaging to new generations of indigenous youth, is just bizarre.  To keep handing over cash that allows them to destroy themselves while stamping their feet for more is a gross analogy of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.   I am all for accountable assistance that would educate new generations to fit into Canadian society.  I just don’t think that many, not all, indigenous people want what they really need to improve their position.  Education is key in my opinion – which may have been the reasoning behind the schools in the past.  They need to grow up and take on some accountability for their own future generations to survive.

I could write a book but won’t.  You are a breath of fresh air and I hope you are strong enough to withstand the barrage of negativity your receiving.