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Thanks for Speaking Your Mind on Indian Residential Schools



I took courage to make the comments that you made on residential schools. My wife and I grew up in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We both are well experienced with first nations people …we have lived with and amongst them. I grew up near the Guy Hill Residential school and later the College at Cranberry Portage .

My wife lived in Stony Rapids and Buffalo Narrows. We both agree that there were many atrocity’s committed at residential schools. But, we feel that the government at the time had the best of intentions for the children of the north …and in our opinion…it was better to attempt  some program … than to simply leave the children of the north ( native and white )to make there way on their own.

I often wonder what problems they would have today if no one learned to read or write…no sports …who would be naïve to think that ,alcohol, drugs ,incest would not have found it’s way into the lives of the North’s children  . It’s far to easy to blame everything on the white man and their residential schools for the way some of the native people are still acting act today. Generation removed from these schools are still blaming the schools for the way they treat there female relatives today.

We are with you, there was a lot of people who benefited from the schools…and yes, there was wrong doing…but a lot of good came from these schools as well. ( I am still surprised that none of the Guy Hill Nuns who coached their hockey teams never made it as NHL Coaches LOL)

Thanks for being honest in exchange for politically correct silence.

Best regards