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Thank You !!


Thank you for your comments on Residential Schools which I think were quite correct.  I am sending this by e-mail because I see that you are under much pressure right now.  I worked with Chipewyan people as an employee of the Catholic Church from 1991 to 2001- a Pastoral Animator.  I am a married man, now retired.  I heard many positive comments by native people who had attended residential school in Fort Resolution.  Two cases:

One woman, a Chief of her community for some years, said, ‘I couldn’t wait to go back to residential school.  You were clean and you had good food.’

I knew another family, eight children.  The Dad was a trapper who spent the winter on the barren lands.  His wife contracted TB and was placed in the isolation hospital in Ft. Res.  The children were taken by the Dad each year to the school to keep them safe.  It was very hard for the youngest who was only 4 yrs at the time - traumatic even to be separated from parents and older sibs.  However, the child survived where otherwise he may not have.  The schools must be viewed in the context of the social and economic circumstances at the time.

There is so much more to say about this issue.

Good for you.  Be strong.  Blessings on you and your work.