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Truth And Reconciliation Commission Report Comments


Thank you for your courageous comments regarding the biased media slant concerning the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report on Canada’s Residential School history. The media and many politicians in our country have consistently focused on the negative aspects of the residential School legacy without recognizing any of the positive aspects of the program.

To hear the media on this topic would lead one to believe that every teacher or caregiver at any of the Residential Schools was a sadist at least and a pedophile at worst. The media and some of the government would have us believe that every child sent to one of these schools was abused physically and sexually.

I, for one, do not believe this and resent the implication that I am somehow responsible for any of the collective abuses suffered by some of the children that were associated with these schools. With a very few exceptions, Residential Schools had been closed long before I was born. Likewise, I do not take credit for the many successes achieved by graduates of the residential school system.

Thank you again for speaking this truth.

Some of the government in power as well as a member for the NDP are demanding your resignation over this matter. I can only assume they choose to be ignorant of the complete legacy of the Residential School system or are trying to gain some political advantage by their position. Please do not succumb to their criticism. I am fully in support of your position and applaud your courage for bringing this forward.