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I support you


Hello Ms. Beyak

I am not a Conservative and I likely disagree with most of the Conservative Party's policies, however I do not agree with the backlash that you have received over the residential school remark. It is abhorrent that Romeo Saganash compared your comments to that of Hitler's genocide of Jews.

I feel that the current dialogue re: this part of our history is grotesquely unbalanced. You are right to mention that it was neither the residential school employees or government intention to be cruel or to wipe out an entire race. You were merely citing what the climate was at that particular time in history. Tomson Highway (Cree playwright) states himself in a 2015 interview: that not ALL residential schools were bad, and that not all survivors were traumatized. As an ex-residential school person he says himself that he is a prime example.

What you meant and what you said may not have mixed well with the Aboriginal community and the majority of people. I do wish people would think more critically before jumping on the 'politically correct' bandwagon. To imply that all people who attended residential schools are 'survivors' implies that all were traumatized and mistreated.

This is simply wrong.