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Resignation Demands


Ms. Beyak

You have my support and sympathies.

I have spent a lifetime speaking to power and trying to bring objective realism to the fore.

Including the recognition of the good that the residential schools accomplished.

Without ignoring the illegal/immoral activities.

Every one of these Indian leaders bleating and shouting for your resignation are a product of the residential school system, and in a fashion verifies what the agencies of the day, had in mind, and were trying to accomplish, and did very successfully.

The nation of no sinners, you and I, have been made to pay cold hard earned cash for a never ending wailing and gnashing of teeth over exaggerated claims. Blackmail in it’s purest form.

I am incensed by the head of the Anglican Church who is wilfully and obviously in complete denial, totally ignorant of the evidence and history, and/ or a self serving coward.

Of course the CBC being the largest negative racists and National bigots have displayed to the reader their own cowardice by eliminating any comment/opinion contributions from their readers as it relates to Canadian/native issues.

I sincerely hope you have the strength to withstand the onslaught demands for you resignation, and recieve thousands of letters of support, such as mine.

If there is any way that I may help you enlighten the masses, please let me know.