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Residential Schools: Overwhelmingly Positive Experiences at Six Nations


Dear Senator Beyak,

It pains me to listen to those who would call into question your views on the Residential Schools in Canada.  

You are entirely correct in stating that many who went there had overwhelmingly positive experiences.  At Six Nations, the Mohawk Institute (called by many the "Mush Hole") was administered by the Anglican Church.  It was founding in 1837 on the request of the Hereditary Chiefs and Clan Mothers, and when it was closed in 1970 the Chiefs pleaded with the Government to keep it open.  Most of the Reserve teachers had been taught there, and anyone who cared to be objective about the matter would agree that the positives far outweighed the negatives.  

 You can read the specifics of what I am saying in various blog postings I have written over the years.  Most are summarized in the most recent of the series:

I am weary of the politically correct police among us who would say that it is "racist" to even mention any positives attached to the Residential Schools.  It goes against the party line, and those who dare question the "accepted view" that the Residential Schools were a vehicle for "cultural genocide" will be severely sanctioned.

The aim of my blog has been to show how it is only beliefs that matter at Six Nations, objective facts and evidence are of little consequence.

 Thank you for standing up for the truth.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Name withheld as requested