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Hi Lynn


I hope this is a very good day for you. I write  to let you know that I so much appreciated your recent statement on residential schools — in which you as I understood,  said some very good things about  about native residential  schools. (I heard of your statement on radio or TV  and did not see a hard copy.) It sure was time someone spoke up to say something good.  Of course, there were things that were not good. It seems to me that it was outrageous that you were attacked for your position.

I am so grateful for  that  you would take a take a stand for truth.

It is very unfortunate that so many people see only  "black and white” and ignore all the good that was done by the residential schools.

Again I thank you and may God bless your for your courage and willingness to stand against such a widespread misconception and powerful negative forces.

Sincerely Yours,