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Thank You for being Courageous


Dear Ms. Beyak:

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was to express my sincere gratitude to you for having the courage to say what millions of Canadians have been thinking for years - that yes there were terrible things that happened at residential schools but not everyone that attended a residential school had a bad experience. The politicians and the media perpetuate the negative narrative and enable the first nation people to continue to see themselves as victims.

I attended a First National Art Exhibition in Fort McMurray and I met a native artist who told me how grateful she was to the nuns and priests in her community who ran the school because for her it was a place of refuge, she said that her parents would go out on the trap-line and leave them to fend for themselves and she would go sit on the steps of the school and hope someone would help her.

I myself am a product of a Catholic convent  school and while some people who attended that school with me will now say that the nuns were racists and treated them unfairly, that was not my experience. Yes, they were strict, but the principles of kindness and consideration for others were held in high esteem and they instilled in me values that successfully took me through more than 40 years in the business world.

For you to make an observation that is considered "politically incorrect" is very praiseworthy and commendable.

I appreciate you and thank you for your boldness.