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I Support You


I agree with you 100%. When viewed through the lens of the times, I believe that the decision makers did not act with malice in trying to address the poverty and absence of education in the first nation communities. Certainly, the decision to assimilate first nations into Canada was and remains to be the correct one. History is full of past injustices and I feel no personal responsibility for the plight of first nations over and above my general feeling of the obligation to help people that are less fortunate. Further, I deeply resent having to pay taxes that are in part used to subsidise first nation programs that perpetuate the problems in first nation societies.

First nations now seem to have a total upper hand. A story that always has stuck with me is related to an almost decimated caribou heard that the first nations were 'poaching' in defiance of hunting limits. The leader of the band responsible was quoted as saying the their drums and their dreams told them that there were plenty of caribou. I won't make the effort to explain what is wrong with this logic. Anyway, I digress. Stick with it, you are speaking for a very significant portion of the Canadian population.