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Residential schools


Dear Honourable Beyak ma'am 

Surely what you said about the good intentions of the originators of this school system is true.It is in the nature of US as Canadians today to act that way. It is evident that how we are now can be extrapolated back to those times .

I believe the motivation then was to integrate  the natives into the whites society , which then was seen as a positive step which is now painted as a horrible crime ,cultural genocide .

Evil things were done, but the natives I know very well today who are all integrated are in better shape than the reserves ,which continue to wallow in misery.

In spite of the fact my friends are integrated they remain very aware of their culture , traditions ,history .

I just wanted to say a big vote of support for,you 

I sent a note to Conrad Black supporting his article in the Nat Post and he graciously replied ,saying  among other things ,that  you are a saint.

I will watch you and please , please stick to your guns ,don' t cave to those SocProgs demanding your head and your position

Keep punching