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Residential Schools comments


Hello Senator Beyak,

Cheers to you!!

Politically, I am not a Conservative supporter, but I definitely support your comments regarding Residential Schools. As someone who was born and raised in Canada as a Catholic and who is nearing his 65th birthday, your comments regarding the church’s role in residential schools is a breath of fresh, honest air!

No one, to my knowledge, has ever had the courage to speak up in support of the many hard working, well-intentioned people who spent many years of their lives trying to help our indigenous population. I truly believe the churches did not found the residential schools with the intention of bringing harm to the people; their intent was to help them assimilate into the majority population of the country in the hopes that this would enable them to find jobs and be able to enjoy a better life for themselves and their families away from the often hopelessness they faced with little or no formal education.

I applaud you for your courage and encourage you to stay strong and definitely NOT resign from the senate.

All the best,