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Residential Schools

Dear Senator Beyak,

I for one agree with your comments about the residential school systems 100%.  Please don’t let the criticism by anyone sway your opinion, it has to be heard.  There are two sides to every story, so far, as you stated, only the bad side seems to be heard about the residential school system.  Some of the success stories of the residential school system have to be told, I am sure there are many but your criticizers don’t want them to be told because it does not fit their agenda.

I have often wondered what the alternative was. If these Aboriginal children were not sent to these schools to be educated I am sure that the Government of today would be criticized for not sending them to school to educate them.  Thus, the Government of the day would be blamed for the same problems that face these same people today because they didn’t try to educate them.  It seems that the Government faces a lose lose situation no matter what it would have done when it comes to residential schools or no schools at all.

I am proud of you for voicing your opinion, I am sure that a lot of other people are proud of you too.  Stand your ground.