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The Abundance of Good

Dear Senator Beyak:

I rarely write on any issues regarding anything, but felt compelled to comment on your initiative regarding how you have viewed "the good things that also happened at those schools".  There were significant benefits by some good well intentioned staff. Fred Hiltz said: "there was nothing good". That is obviously wrong. Many good people did good things. All that is emphasized is disease, poor conditions and sexual abuse. Go into any graveyard throughout Canada and see all the children that died at a young age, yes they had marked graves, but did all "non aboriginals" have marked graves?, I don't think so. Everyone is talking about these physically and sexually abused aboriginal children, when the same was going on, granted perhaps to a lesser degree, in many schools throughout Canada. Even in Ottawa, an old friend of mine, that went to Ashbury College was sexually assaulted by a professor while he was there. The same professor actually attempted to abuse me on a visit to our home once, but that is another story. My point is, all sorts of stuff went on back then, and all we talk about is this one group, which I am not discounting. It was bad. Please keep up the good work you have done, "looking at the glimpses of good!"

Best regards