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Exchanges in the Senate with Senator Dyck about Bill C-16 - An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code

Senator Beyak: I took a university tour of the United States for research in 2008, and compelled speech was on the dockets then because of the First Amendment in the United States, so it's not a new term. I guess words do matter, but an unborn child three days before birth is a child. A fetus is three, four or five months. People use that terminology because it's a fetus right up until the birth, of course. However, to say here in Canada when we're paying taxpayer money to abort babies at eight or nine months, it's a debate that we maybe should have. An abortion at three months perhaps. We need a law in Canada.

I was just questioning, as a woman, why you would support Bill C-16 when feminists have fought for so many years to protect women from the violence perpetrated against them by men. This will allow men to go into women's change rooms and bathrooms across the country. I would like your opinion.

Senator Dyck: Senator Beyak, I explained that question about the bathroom predators in my speech at second reading, that the predators in the bathroom is an overinflated fear being inflicted upon the country and that we also have to balance the rights between the transgender community and the rest of Canada. If you were to look at my second reading speech, you would find the answers there.

Senator Beyak: I did read it, but I think that one incident of violence in a bathroom against a woman is one too many.