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Lynn Beyak is an accomplished small-business owner in northwestern Ontario with years of experience in real estate, insurance and tourism.

Senator Beyak has been active in community service since 1982, from classroom volunteer to Vice-Chair of the Fort Frances-Rainy River Board of Education. In 1994, she participated in a roundtable for violence prevention in schools that led to the development of a code of ethics, which became a model for school boards across Ontario. She has also participated in organizations working on education equality for all students in Ontario.

The Senator chaired the Ontario Parent Council, was a member of the Board of Directors of the Trillium Foundation, sat on the inaugural board of the Real Estate Council of Ontario and held a dual license for real estate and insurance.

She stood as a Conservative candidate in her community, under the leadership of the Honourable Mike Harris, in 1995. The expertise she gained from the experience as a candidate, working with constituents, was invaluable in guiding her work in the Senate of Canada.

Senator Beyak is proud to serve Canadians as a member of the Senate, and is committed to faithfully representing their interests in all areas of her work.  She believes that the Senate has a valuable role in our democracy, and is dedicated to working with her colleagues, fulfilling her duties with dignity, and earning further respect for this important institution. The Senate has given sober second thought, and balanced representation to regions and minorities, since its inception by our founders in 1867, and Canadians are more knowledgeable now than ever before, of its worth in our Confederation.

Lynn Beyak was appointed to the Senate on January 25, 2013 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to represent the Province of Ontario.

Senator Beyak resides in Dryden, Ontario.